Sake Maki @ W. Broadway

Driving down W. Broadway on our way to the video store and debating on what to eat for a late lunch, we noticed that beside the newly-opened Strike restaurant there was a newly-opened Japanese restaurant by the name of Sake Maki. Apparently this is their second location, the first located on Commercial Drive. Being the adventurous people we are, we stopped in to see what this new place has to offer. There are many reviews for the Commercial Drive location of this restaurant, but not as many for the W. Broadway one. The first impression I had of the store was that it was nicely decorated, and after this experience I know this was a place that I could bring friends for a nice and affordable dinner out.

It was a neat little place with a very unique decor for a Japanese place. I say this because most Japanese places that I’ve been to, that have the nice, rustic decor, usually serve tapas (like Guu).

Looking through their menu, they seem to be focused more on individual dishes and rolls, rather than the usual bento boxes and individual meals. They do have a huge variety of rolls though, even some new ones that I have never heard of before (like the Viagra Roll, no joke!)

Left to Right: Sake Maki Roll, Dragon Roll, Kirin Roll

Agadashi Tofu

I thought the prices were really reasonable, with each plate of roll costing $8.95. Plus they had a really nice special going on: when you order two Chef Special Rolls, you get another for free! So our bill wasn’t too expensive, and my tummy was satisfied. The only thing I had a complaint about was the miso soup, which I found a little too sweet for my taste. Other than that, the service was good, the rolls were great for the price, and it’s definitely a place I would come back to for some affordable sushi.

Sake Maki on Urbanspoon


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