The Sandbar @ Granville Island

For our one year anniversary, I had the honor of choosing the restaurant for our evening out, and I chose to revisit the Sandbar Seafood Restaurant on Granville Island. Having not been there for 3 years, yet having fond memories of the place, I hoped that this place continued to be as good as the first time I was there…and I was not disappointed.


After being asked if we preferred the dining area or the heated outdoor patio, we chose the latter. I was initially worried about the cold, seeing as it was the first of November and the temperature was starting to get a bit chilly. However, with the amount of heaters out there, plus an outdoor fireplace, PLUS blankets for each table, I felt like it was a good choice of seating. The view was also fantastic.


We started off the evening with Pan Fried Oysters with chili lime aioli and tobiko.



My boyfriend ordered the daily special, which was the Pork Chops with Mushroom Risotto. I stole a few pieces of his pork…and as someone who isn’t fond of huge slabs of meat (especially pork), this pork chop was super delicious! It was moist, tender, and pretty much melted in my mouth.



I ordered from their daily fresh fish menu, and got the Arctic Char in a butter sauce. While it was lighter on the taste buds compared to the pork, I love how the fish has a mild sweetness to it, and combined with the creamy butter sauce, it was a good choice since I wasn’t looking for anything too heavy.


Lastly, a dessert of Chocolate Mousse cake with vanilla ice-cream. Yum!

There were times where we waited around to flag down our waitress, so I can’t say the service was exceptional, but the waitress was friendly enough and there was no screw ups on our order. The food was great, and so was the view, and the next time I come I definitely want to try their $12 happy hour special! 

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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