Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes you read it right, NUTELLA STUFFED chocolate chip cookies! After reading the blog by Monique I decided that I will make this fantastic sounding cookie and see how it turns out…

Above recipe taken from Monique’s blog:

It tasted as good as its name sounds, especially right out of the oven. I followed the recipe exactly this time, but I think the next time I would make some changes…simply because I found the cookies a bit too sweet to eat without pairing it with coffee or milk. I would reduce the amount of butter and sugar slightly, probably go with 3/4 cup of butter instead of 1 cup, and 1 cup of dark brown sugar instead of 1 1/4 cup.

Also, make sure you start the cookie-making process four hours before the intended eating time. I made the mistake of making the dough, putting it in the fridge to cool, going out for a dinner date and then choosing to leave the dough refrigerated overnight. The following morning I found my dough to be super hard and crumbly (could not make a solid ball in my hands), and had to stick it in the oven to warm it up before filling it with Nutella…thus explaining why a lot of my chocolate chips were melted. Taste-wise though…fantastic. Highly recommend this recipe to those who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little messy…and trust me, it’s worth the mess!


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