Dai Jang Kum @ Richmond

After an intense night of board games, I woke up the following day with a huge craving for Korean food. Living on the west end of Vancouver, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of options for good Korean cuisine, so I took my newly acquired “N” license and drove down to Richmond to eat at Dai Jang Kum, located in a strip mall at the corner of Bridgeport Rd. and St. Edwards Drive. It’s not my first time here, but I feel like this place is review worthy.

Because I’m not a pro driver yet, the fact that the place is easy to find, located off a major road, and has a giant parking lot, was a big plus for me. The restaurant interior is big, with multiple barbecue booths in the vicinity along with private rooms that you can reserve for big groups. The two times I have been here was for lunch, and I love their lunch menu because it is affordable and the portions are quite large. Today however, we missed the lunch period (we arrived at around 3pm), so we ordered their beef short ribs (suwon galbi), which came with rice, salad, soy bean soup (daen jang chigae), and side dishes.

Beef short ribs and side dishes.

soy bean soup (daen jang chigae)

I don’t consider this place to be my favourite Korean bbq place, but their beef and cabbage soup (hae jang guk) is to die for. I would drive out to Richmond any day just to get some of this in my tummy, especially now that winter is coming.

Beef and cabbage soup (hae jang guk)

Since many Korean places are located in the Lougheed area, or in downtown, this place in Richmond is definitely worth trying out. The portions are big (at least for me), and the price is very reasonable. The service has always been friendly and fast in the times I went.


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