Water St. Cafe @ Gastown

The most recent restaurant I visited was Water St. Cafe on the corner of Water Street and Cambie Street in the beautiful district of Gastown. Despite living in Vancouver for so long, Gastown is the one place that I go to the least, probably because it’s all the way at Waterfront. However, every time that I’ve walked through the cobbled streets, between the beautiful historic buildings, I pass by the Water St. Cafe and thought, “I really want to try that place out.” I got my chance this past Thursday 🙂

After being greeted warmly by the owner of the establishment, we were seated by the corner windows so that we could enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Gastown while we dined.

We started off with the Roasted Golden Beet and Spinach Salad, with goat cheese, cherry tomato, and dill vinaigrette. The sweetness of the beets mixed with the creamy goat cheese and the vinaigrette dressing was a perfect combination of flavours.

The entree I ordered was the West Coast Crab Cakes. Filled with dungeness and blue crab, Pacific shrimp, with roasted corn salsa, garlic aioli, this dish was surprisingly filling. I’ve always thought that crab cakes worked better as an appetizer because of their deep fried nature, but this entree was relatively light and worked well with the rice and veggies. Justin ordered the Fresh Fish of the Day, but unfortunately we couldn’t remember what type of fish it was except that it was very good (silly me).

In summary, I enjoyed the restaurant very much and would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. For a “fancy restaurant” I thought the price was reasonable (~$25 for entree), and the food came fast and fresh.


2 thoughts on “Water St. Cafe @ Gastown

  1. YUM! I always walk by that place too and wonder how it is.
    Is the second picture the crabcakes or the fish?

    Good luck with your blog! If you ever need any company… 🙂

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